Influencing Our World for Life

City Life Center is a faith-based ministry. We believe God and the promises in His Word, and know He will lead and guide us.

We welcome and serve women and babies, students and other groups both locally and around the world.

Our headquarters, a stately, three-story Georgian Revival building and a two-story carriage house in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was a gift to the ministry. God’s gifts are “beyond imagination.”

Because of this gift, we have been able to host many hundreds of people for various events and trainings over the years.

God opens doors of opportunity for us to minister and serve.

Betty McGuire


Betty McGuire serves as President/CEO of City Life Center, a position she has held for more than twenty years. Her background is rich in Christian and community service, including many leadership roles.

A resident of Minnesota, Betty speaks nationally and internationally in a variety of settings, sharing compelling, inspirational stories that testify to the living power of God.

God provides opportunities for her to address and educate diverse groups on student campuses, in community settings, and women’s organizations and church gatherings.

Betty provides assistance and training for pro-life organizations in various countries. One result is the establishment of a pro-life medical clinic and birthing center in Southeast Asia, serving marginalized Christian women.

Betty takes every opportunity to strengthen believers in the faith and encourage them to continue their pro-life mission, proclaiming that “Life is God’s most precious gift.”

"Though the world is large in our eyes, I continue to see first hand that God has a vision far greater than my eyesight."

To schedule a presentation with Betty McGuire, contact her at 612.874.9314 or by email


Olivia Jansen

Former City Life Center volunteer, staff member and college campus coordinator, Olivia was also on the leadership team for her college’s pro-life group. She has a strong vision for protecting human life. Olivia currently lives in North Dakota with her husband.

“My heart goes out to the helpless. My passion is to fight for the helpless until they are no longer in danger of being ignored or hurt. Their lives, the young and the old, are precious and valuable. Their lives are worth protecting.”

To contact Olivia:
612.874.1808 or by email



Elizabeth Neufeld

Elizabeth became a part of City Life Center while attending a Bible school in Minnesota. She recently organized a group to participate in the annual March for Life in Phoenix, where she currently resides with her husband. Elizabeth is available to encourage you to become a voice for life.

"I believe in the dignity of all life, and 'that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' I am certain that these rights in my beloved country’s constitution belong to the mother, the father, and the tiny child being knitted together in the womb. I am pro-life because I am convinced that everyone is an image bearer of Christ at conception, and that from the beginning of existence we are created equal by the only sovereign and divine Creator God. I believe in empowering women to be able to achieve greater things than even the American dream, by telling them that as incredible, capable and fierce mothers they can also raise great leaders."

To contact Elizabeth:
612.874.1808 or by email


​Bernt Eidsmoe

Bernt, a graphic designer, was on staff at City Life Center until he moved to Fargo/Moorhead. He continues to do freelance design work for us. Bernt is passionately pro-life, believing that humanity’s ultimate authority is from God’s Word,
not ours.

"We were created in God’s image for His glory. Those who are saved by God’s gospel are called to protect His image in all life, the born and unborn."

To contact Bernt:
612.874.1808 or by email